Event Partner Streaming Resources

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Step 1: Select a Broadcasting Software

When it comes to choosing a streaming software for YouTube, both OBS and Streamlabs are popular options that offer similar features. OBS is an open-source software that provides a lot of customization options for advanced users. On the other hand, Streamlabs is a user-friendly software that has a more streamlined interface and comes with built-in features like alerts and chatbots. Ultimately, the choice between OBS and Streamlabs comes down to personal preference and the complexity of the stream you're planning to create. 

VEX Hawaii will demonstrate how to set up your stream in OBS.

Required Software

OBS is a free and open-source software used for video recording and live streaming. 

Alternatively, streamlabs OBS is a free and user-friendly streaming software that comes with built-in features like alerts and chatbots. 

Step 2: Preparing Your Stream Equipment

You will need the following equipment for each VEX Field you want to capture:

You will also need the following equipment