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VEX Team

Key Contacts

RECF Team Engagement Manager

Contact Kam for support at the RECF Level.
Learn about nationwide grants and trainings or help with how to utilize the roboticseducation website.

VEX Hawaii Chairperson

Contact Adria for support at the Local Level. Learn about training opportunities to help you start your VEX journey.

Quick Start Guide

1️⃣ Which VEX Program should you choose?


Age Group: Elementary - Middle School

Type: Plastic Robots

Space Requirement: 6' x 8' Field
Field can easily fit in a classroom and be stored when not in use.

Average Team Size: 4-6 Students


Age Group: Middle School - High School

Type: Metal Robots

Space Requirement: 12' x 12' Field
You will need a dedicated space / room to house this field.

Average Team Size: 5-7 Students

2️⃣ Register Your Competition Teams with the RECF

Team registration is required every year for new and returning teams; the registration fee is $200 first team + $150 for each additional team.

  • Event registration is separate from team registration. You must complete team registration before you will be allowed to register for official VEX Events.

  • Have more teams? Get a discount! RECF now offers a flat organization fee for creating multiple VEX Teams. More information this program is available here.

3️⃣ Plan your schedule!

In order for your team to be effective, develop a schedule that meets your team’s availability, needs, objectives, and resources and stick to it!

Teams benefit from the program proportionally to the effort they put into the program. As events approach, your team may decide to meet more frequently in order to better prepare for their participation in the competitions.

TIP: Check out the RobotEvents.com Page to see the schedule of events, then plan your meeting schedule around these dates.